The single best benefit that CTS has brought to my company has been stability. Stability in our IT environment as well as in the support environment.

CTS has knowledgeable staff, accurate implementation, and insures all staff is able to stay up and running to get their tasks completed.

Don’t waste your time or money on the unknown. CTS has a proven track record and has proven that track record with our company.

Ms. Maike Mission Montessori at St. George

CT provides a team of experienced IT professionals verses a one person approach. This has allowed us to always have access to someone who can fix our issues immediately. This is very important as our operations are 24 /7 and we can’t afford to be down due to technology issues.

Prior IT firms tried to fit what they knew to our business and operations. CT took the time to gain a thorough understanding of our business first; and then assessed our technology needs. We have a unique business and we rely heavily on technology, so we needed a service provider with a vast array of experience and that’s what we received.

If you want a proactive outsourced IT firm that feels like it’s part of your team, offering strategic ideas and keeping downtime to a minimum, then CT is who you should work with.

Rich Tarnopolski Chief Financial Officer
The Jet Companies

If there is an urgent problem with our system CT North Phoenix works quickly to get it taken care of.  They have stayed for countless hours fixing issues when necessary and they work diligently to get our systems operative.

CT N Phoenix is a company that cares about their clients and their needs.  They work hard to find solutions and will be honest about what will work and how each option can affect performance.

Nikki Binns Animal Health Services

The Jet Companies feel like you are employees and not hired professionals. CT and its employees go beyond IT into other areas that help our businesses and our operational problems.

Dave Alexander President
The Jet Companies

We struggled with our tech support needs for years. CTS have been a blessing to our school and I know that no matter what issue we come across, they have a solution.

Everything is handled quickly and most issues are handled on the spot. Upfront and honest seems to be the normal mode of operation throughout the company.

I have personally and professionally never seen a support group as efficient and knowledgeable. After spending tons of time and money on other IT support, I found Chris and Nate. It's been over 12 years since I found them and I have never had to look for another tech since. They are truly the best I have ever worked with.

Mr. Wright Mission Montessori at St. George